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The Street

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“As long as it’s legal, we’ll find a way to fix it for you…”

Twenty five years in the business has taught Simon Pratt of Portico a thing or two about delivering service and style in equal parts.

What will be your role at THE Charter BUILDING?
We’ll be providing a seamless front-of-house and concierge service.

Our staff are recruited specifically for the building to ensure that we accurately reflect the culture and style of the companies we represent. We’re both brand ambassadors and problem solvers.

So what does a concierge service deliver?
You name it! We’ll organise dry cleaning, flowers for your anniversary, a cake for an employee’s birthday, make a dinner reservation, hire a car or run an errand. We’ll do it in person, on the phone, or via the web directly from your desk. We’re here to smooth the day for you and we’re more than happy to sweat the small stuff. We often joke that as long as it’s legal, we’ll find a way to fix it for you. But seriously, we take a great pride in being able to deliver and we encourage people to put us to the test – it’s all part of the service.

What’s the MOST REWARDING challenge you’ve encountered?
Actually, empowering people to make decisions is perhaps the most rewarding thing we do. As an example, one of our clients lost a sensitive legal folder on a train. Before he had realised it was even missing, one of our switchboard operators had taken a call and used her initiative to dispatch a courier to retrieve it. It was on his desk by the time he got back to the office – crisis averted. That’s good to be part of.